by Kevin

Yesterday I rode the new Frontrunner commuter train into Salt Lake City with my sister. It only took a little more than a half hour to get there from Layton, and once there we didn’t have to find parking we just hopped onto Trax and went to the Temple Square stop. We walked around Temple Square and took pictures. There were four weddings going on, at least we saw four different wedding groups getting pictures taken. After that we walked up to the Cathedral of the Madeleine. We walked around for awhile then got on Trax again and headed for the Gateway. We ate lunch there, and then went to the Barnes and Noble. Then we headed back home. It was actually pretty fun, and very cheap. The only thing we spent money on was lunch, thanks to the UTA Ed pass. Parking wasn’t too much of a hassle (the Layton parking lot for the train was nearly full).

I’m excited to ride the train into Salt Lake when I return to classes at the U of U in the fall, and I plan on going into downtown Salt Lake a few more times this summer. For anybody that lives north of Salt Lake taking the train is, in my opinion, probably the best way to go.


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