I have recently updated my site to allow for comments on each of my photos. Since my last post I’ve placed links to larger desktop wallpapper versions of my photos, and allowed for posting comments.  Since doing that I haven’t had a lot of time to think about what else to do.


As suggested by my lovely wife I will be adding public comments for each photo. I haven’t yet thought of exactly how I will be doing this, but I do have some good ideas. I will be making efforts to not allow spam comments. Currently my idea is to not allow comments to show up until after being reviewed by me. That is how I have this wordpress blog setup now. I can’t put a time on when this will actually get done, but it is in the works.


New Photo

by Kevin

I took this photo earlier today, and thought that it would make a good desktop background. I uploaded a small 700 x 525 in the general section photo gallery. I decided to put a 1280 x 1024 version of this photo. Looking at it as my desktop background just makes me want to share this one. The small version is here. To get the larger version click here.


I just updated the photo gallery navigation, now when you are looking at the larger size photos you can go to the next and previous photos without having to go back to the thumb nail view. It should be easier to look at the larger photos now. Check it out http://www.kevinfaerber.com/photos.php.


New Photo

by Kevin

I just uploaded a new photo of some flowers. It is actually the same as the one just before it, but I enhanced the color just a little bit. I think I’m going to start doing that a little more. I prefer the colors to be as much from the camera as possible, but flowers really do look better when the colors are made a little more vibrant. The link to see the new photo is listed below.



New Theme

by Kevin

I just put on a new theme. I’ll see how I like it, if I decide I don’t, I’ll look for another theme or perhaps try to change what I don’t like about this one.


Since my last post nothing really noticable has happened to the website. I did upload a few more photos, but the look to the website is the same, however, I have made a few more changes to the back-end to improve the code, and possibly the performance. I guess the next thing I’ll do is update my WordPress from what ever version I have now to 2.7.1. Maybe someday I’ll take on the task of really customizing the look.


Today I updated my website, now some of the links from the blog part to the photo section are ‘broken.’ The new link to the photos is here. The overall look of the website hasn’t changed much, but the back-end of things has changed to what I consider better code. Next up is to take some more pictures to put on the page.


Summer vacation is starting again, and I’ve been looking for work. I’d have to say that I’m not looking very hard at this point. One thing that I’ve noticed is there seems to be a few places looking for php developers. Programming comes easily to me, the only problem is I’m not that familiar with php, so I decided to learn php and MySQL while I have some free time. I found a book, that so far seems to be a good resource for learning php for those that have a programming background. Of course with the new ‘tools’ I’m getting from the book I have to update my website. I initially did the website with the very little php I knew, but now I am learning more of the ‘features’, and incorporating these new ‘features’ into my photo gallery section of this site. Overall I would say the source is pretty messy, and right now I’m thinking of eventually re-doing the entire thing.